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here are a bunch of my favorites.
oh and we can post actresses too right?

my all time favorite celebrity...
angelina jolie.

i don't know if anyone knows who this is. but if you watch battle for ozzfest this is marc from a dozen furies. i've been a fan of his for awhile. i know he isn't a big celebrity but i am his number one fan hehe :)

i <3 jake gyllenhaal. *drools*

Johnny depp *drools*

mark wahlberg *major drool*

brad pitt *drools*

Orlando bloom *drools*

hayden christensen *drools*

eric balfour *drools*

i'm also obsessed with matt damon, ben affleck, josh hartnett, and so many more actors but i figured this is enough pictures lol. what can i saw i love hot boys lol.
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